Teeth Whitening

We all want to look our best and, seeing as your smile is one of the first things people notice, teeth whitening treatments are a great way to improve appearances. Brighter, whiter teeth can do so much to enhance your smile and build your confidence.

Our Twinkle Toes Teeth Whitening treatments can be continued in the comfort of your own home. This means regularly applying the whitening product over several days for between 60 and 90 minutes per day. By applying a small amount of the gel to the specialised tray and fitting the tray onto your teeth, the home whitening system will remove most stains.

Why use our Teeth Whitening Kits?

Home teeth whitening systems allow you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home, but you should not attempt to use one without expert advice. Tray based teeth whitening treatments can provide the ideal home whitening solution, depending on the level of tooth discolouration. Our teeth whitening programme designed specifically for you.

How much does Teeth Whitening cost?

For a limited time, our Teeth Whitening Treatements start from just £395.00.

Book an appointment for Teeth Whitening

To book an appointment for our "Teeth Whitening " treatment, give us a call now on  02380 269 547 to find out what available dates we have.


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